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Our Top Rated Military / Tactical Grade Watches of 2018

Tactical watch

When you’re outdoors, knowing the time is an integral part of being prepared for any situation. Without any knowledge of the time, you won’t know when to meet up with your group at the rendezvous point, when the sun is going to set, or how long you have been out in the elements. Having an accurate and reliable way to tell time is crucial to basic survival.

That is why many of those who spend time outdoors turn to a high-quality military or tactical watch in order to keep track of the time.

compass functionThese specialized watches sometimes include a compass function, miniature light, and many other features.  When picking a tactical watch, think about what you will be doing and then find one that suits your needs. Buying one before assessing your needs will result in a waste of money.

There are a variety of military-style watches on the market today, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find the perfect one to fit your lifestyle and level of activity.

This article will cover the important criteria, as well as options and features to consider when shopping for a tactical watch. So to save you the time and effort, we have researched some of the top military watches on the market. You should be equipped with all the information to make the right purchase after browsing through our product reviews.

Buying Considerations

As mentioned above, everyone has a different hierarchy of needs and priorities, so what one buyer considers an important feature in a military grade watch, may not be the same for others.  So you will need to assemble a list of features that you want in your tactical timepiece.

It’s Gotta Be Tough

The first thing to look for in a military watch is its toughness and durability. The last thing you want is for it to break after taking a minor hit or a splash of water. No one likes to worry about their watch breaking, especially if they paid hundreds of dollars for it.

A person should be able to strap the watch to their wrist and go without any worries. Therefore, when reading through the reviews, make sure you consider the quality of the product. One of the key elements that make for a tough watch is a durable face.

A cracked face is a sure way to stop even the toughest watches, so look for models that use scratch-resistant materials for the window. This is often a feature closely associated with its price, so you can expect military watches with a higher price point to be more durable than cheaper models.

Waterproof Design

Even if you don’t plan on going underwater, the wild can be very unpredictable. A tactical watch should have a moderate level of waterproof capability, so you won’t have to worry about protecting it in the rain or if you dip it into a lake or river.

Also, if you are planning on doing some diving, you will need to make sure your rugged watch is rated for the depths that you will be reaching. Some are rated to go down as far as 650 feet or more, so you won’t have to worry about the case being compromised at greater depths.

Comfort Counts

Yes, a tactical watch must be heavy-duty, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable, too. Look for a band that isn’t going to cause a rash around your wrist or cause discomfort. One with high quality should stay in place and not slide around your wrist or up your arm. Consider the reviews about the product’s comfortability level prior to purchasing.

One last thing to consider is the size of the tactical watch’s face. Some offer giant faces (which also take up a lot of space on your arm) while others are compact and lightweight. There isn’t a ‘right or wrong’ size face, but be sure that you are picking one that meets your activity level and needs.

Benefits of Owning One

A benefit of owning one is it gives you the ability to tell time in the most difficult of conditions, such as cold and wet nights out in the wild. No matter what you are doing in the field, you will want to be able to tell time at a moment’s notice in order to make smart decisions. Is the sun about to go down, or do you have another hour of sunlight?

It may be hard to tell depending on the weather and where you are located, but your watch can give you the answer in just a fraction of a second.

Another benefit is the variety of activities that it can be used for. Going on an overnight backpacking trip? These types are a perfect companion.

Heading out diving, or kayaking, or even whitewater rafting? A waterproof military watch is a smart accessory to have. Once you own one, you’ll be surprised at how versatile and useful they actually are.

You might even wear it outside of your excursions and more during your everyday life.

5 Most Durable Military Watches

Casio Men’s GA100-1A1

Image of Casio Men's GA100-1A1 BlackFor a full-featured tactical watch that can take care of just about any task that you could ask for a timepiece, this Casio model is up to the job. This is shock resistant, which is water resistant up to 200 meters. It includes a stopwatch which goes down to 1/1000th of a second, along with a full auto-calendar. It has proven to be worth it for many buyers.

One of the first benefits mentioned by owners actually doesn’t have anything to do with performance – but rather the aesthetics of the Casio GA100-1A1. The dark black matte finish is appreciated by many, as it can look sharp in a number of settings.

As you would expect with a Casio watch, the reviewers are complimentary of the durability, as it can take a beating and keep on working with no loss of performance. The only minor complaint about this product seems to be the fact that the face doesn’t illuminate bright enough for some users after dark.

So, if you are going to be regularly using your watch in the dark, that would be one point to consider. However, on the whole, this is rated as a quality product with more than a few supporters to sing its praises.

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Infantry Men’s Military Army Sport Stainless Steel Case Quartz Wrist Watch

Image of Mens Military Army Sport Stainless Steel Case QuartzRight off the bat, you will notice a dramatic difference between this watch and the first option on our list as this model has a stainless steel look as opposed to the matte black finish above. This product looks like it means business, with the stainless steel case and hefty size that it offers. There is both an analog and digital readout on the face, so you can get the time quickly no matter how you prefer to take in the information.

It has precision Japanese quartz movement on the inside, and there is a stopwatch along with a backlight and alarm. It is hard to imagine that you could be looking for too many features in a tactical watch that aren’t included in this product.

The strap is rubber, and there is anti-scratch glass which protects the face of the watch. Buyers state that this product is a good value for the money and that it does everything which is claims to do.

While it is obviously not a high-end product like you would find at significantly higher prices, this product gets the job done without breaking your bank account at the same time.

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Casio G-Shock Rangeman Master of G Series

Image of G-Shock Rangeman Master Of G SeriesAnother Casio product, this is the most expensive watch at this point on our list. And there are several reasons why.

The Casio G-Schok Rangement was designed right from the start with the purpose of being able to take a beating in the field. It has atomic timekeeping; it uses tough solar power, is shock resistant, and includes a tripe sensor. That triple sensor means you can access an abundance of information including altitude, barometer readings, and temperature.

If you are going to invest a couple of hundred dollars, you want to make sure it is up to the challenges that you are going to throw its way. In that respect, the Casio Rangeman is a model you can count on.

Reviewers have put this item through its paces in a variety of conditions and the vast majority report that it was able to handle whatever they threw its way. In addition to durable performance, the looks of this model have been complimented by plenty of wearers.

It has been given great reviews by some who are in the military, and others who simply use it for everyday wear in the outdoors or even around town. While it will take a little bit of investment to own this watch, it is one that is meant to last and impress all along the way.

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Suunto Core Military Watch

Image of Suunto Core Black MilitaryAlong with Casio, Suunto is another watch name that you should know you can rely on for durability and performance. This is a well-respected brand in the business, and this product lives up to the expectations that many have for this watch maker.

The Suunto Core is aluminum which uses a digital time display, is water resistant up to 30 meters, and offers a number of other functions such as altitude, barometer, compass, and more. There are a number of different specific models within the Core Military Watch line, and you can pick from a variety of colors and price points.

Reviewers often use the words ‘great’ and ‘excellent’ when referring to this product, and some have complimented the accuracy of the ABC readings (altimeter, barometer, compass). When compared to other ABC watch options, many users feel that the Suunto Core is the most accurate choice.

Also, other reviewers have noted that this product seems to have no problem putting up with water exposure, which is important if you are going to be spending extended periods of time out in the elements. With great looks, color options, and a range of price points, the Suunto Core line of military watches is one to consider closely.

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Timex Men’s T499519J Expedition Shock XL Resin Watch

The last option on our list comes in with a very moderate price tag. That makes this Timex worth consideration right off the top, as it stands to save you a significant amount of money from some of our other options. Of course, you aren’t going to get as many various features as are offered on the more expensive options, but the Expedition Shock XL can provide ample information for the average outdoor enthusiast.

Unless you are taking part in some serious outdoor adventure, there is a good chance that this Timex is all you need.

Getting down to the details of this product, it includes an acrylic dial window, the case is made from stainless steel, and the band is rubber. It is rated for up to 660 feet of water resistance, and it includes both an alarm and a calendar. Reviewers appreciate the durability of this model, as well as the vibrating alarm feature.

For the price, this product is a great way to get into the tactical watch world without making too much of an initial investment.

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Military/Tactical watches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, looks, and more. You can’t really lump all the watches in this category into one pile because there is so much variety among them. As this shows, you can find one for an affordable price, or you can easily spend hundreds if you would like more features and capabilities. It may take a little bit of searching and research, but you should be able to settle on a great choice in the near future.

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