Maxpedition Falcon 2 Review

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The Maxpedition Falcon II (2) is one of the most popular backpacks for good reason. With a variety of compartments, plenty of storage space, and quality construction, this is a pack that is worth a closer look from just about any buyer.

As Durable as They Come

Constructed using 1050-Denier nylon, you can count on the Falcon II to hold up no matter what you happen to throw its way. These packs are designed with the goal of getting the job done in any conditions, so you can focus on the task at hand without having to worry about your pack. In addition to durability, the Falcon II is also intended to be easy to wear all day long, allowing you to stay comfortable even in tough conditions.

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Tons of Space

One of the big elements to consider when buying a backpack is simply the amount of stuff that can be placed inside. You will be happy to learn that the Maxpedition Falcon II can hold 25L worth of gear, making it suitable for a variety of purposes. That volume is divided up into a number of compartments, including a large main compartment which is 18’’ tall and 9.5’’ wide.

Features and Specifications

  • The Falcon II offers a capacity of 1520 cubic inches and has a total of four compartments in which to store your gear. Also, there are PALS attachments points allowing for expansion of the backpack.
  • The pack can accommodate two 3L water reservoirs, so this bag is a good option if you need to take water along with you for your trips.
  • The padded shoulder straps and ergonomic design make the pack easy to carry for anything from a short day hike to a multi-day expedition.
  • With self-repairing zippers, you shouldn’t have to worry about making any fixes to the bag while you are in the field.

Customer Reviews and Scores

It is the durability of this backpack that stands out above the rest. One review states that “I do not fear it will ever break,” despite having seen multiple deployments and other world travels. Reading review after review will find that the quality and longevity of this pack have impressed the majority of buyers.

One of the minor complaints that are seen in some of the reviews of this product is the fact that the pack is smaller than some expected. However, other reviewers have noted that the pack shouldn’t be judged by first impressions, as it is able to carry far more than it would appear when it is taken out of the box. Also, many appreciated the compact size as it forced them to pack wisely and made the bag more comfortable to carry.

With such a great rating and so many qualities that are desired by backpack buyers, it is easy to recommend this product for a wide-range of backpack uses.

For a durable, flexible, and reliable backpack that will be up to just about any task you can ask it to complete, consider the Maxpedition Falcon II. Made from quality nylon and designed with your comfort in mind, it is likely that you will fall in love with this bag from the very first time you put it to use.

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