Best Police Flashlight Buyer’s Guide

There are many groups of people who rely on flashlights in challenging situations, but perhaps no group demands more from their flashlights than members of law enforcement. Police officers risk their lives to keep the rest of us safe on a daily basis, and they need a reliable flashlight to help them perform their jobs effectively. The majority of crime is committed at night, so police flashlights play a vital role in the protection of our communities.

law enforcementThere are many things to consider when choosing the right police flashlight. First, is the quality of the light that the product outputs. Criminals love to work under the cover of darkness, so neutralizing that threat goes a long way in the world of crime prevention. A flashlight with a wide beam and strong output will always be preferred over a weaker model. Additionally, a compact and lightweight unit will be more convenient for cops who are always on the move. Rather than trying to make do with a ‘regular’ flashlight, one that is specifically intended as a police flashlight is going to be the best bet.

If you are in the market for a quality police flashlight, you will find the information below to be beneficial.

We have identified some of the best police flashlights available today – making it easy for you to find one that will serve you nicely.

Top Three Rated Police Flashlights

MagLite Heavy-Duty

Image of Maglite Heavy-Duty Incandescent 4-Cell DOne of the most-reviewed flashlights, the MagLite Heavy-Duty has plenty of features that will be favored by those shopping for a police flashlight. MagLite has a great reputation for creating quality flashlights that stand the test of time.

Drop-resistance is one of the many beneficial characteristics of this police flashlight, as law enforcement officers are frequently placed in circumstances where they may need to drop their gear quickly in response to a situation. That durability, along with the bright light and ease-of-use offered by this project makes it a strong contender for your next police flashlight. Many of the reviews praise this item as being ‘the best flashlight I have ever owned’, meaning it has a great chance to earn a place in your bag as well.

The body of this item is made of aluminum, and it runs on D batteries, which should be easy to locate in just about any store. If you are shopping for a strong, reliable unit which can be used as a police flashlight, you should stop to give consideration to the MagLite Heavy-Duty.

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The last thing a police officer wants to have happen while in the line of duty is to have their flashlight not provide enough illumination for a given situation. With that in mind, the OXYLED MD50 flashlight is a unit worth considering if only for its amazing output of 500 lumens. Despite being a small, handheld flashlight, this product is able to powerfully light up a dark street with ease. There are three unique brightness levels, as well as a strobe function, and the body is made of a durable aluminum alloy.

Buyers frequently being impressed by the overall quality of the product they received. Some reviewers even stated that the item has outperformed many other, more expensive units that they own. The OXYLED MD50 is a police flashlight worthy of a closer look.

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Streamlight 88031 Protac 2L

Image of Streamlight 88031 ProTac TacticalStreamlight makes one of the best police flashlights available today (read our tactical flashlight guide here).

This brand produces some of the best lights on the market, and the 88031 is no exception. Using LED technology with a 50,000 hour lifetime and easy one-handed operation, this is a police flashlight that will meet the needs of almost any officer. Compared to the products above, you will have to pay a little more for this product, but most feel that the investment is worth it for the quality and performance that is offered by the 88031.

It is clear that previous buyers are truly in love with this product. Quite simply, there isn’t much to find in the way of complaints about this product. Buyers state that it delivers on the quality that they expect, it provides an impressive amount of light, and it stands the test of time. Add this model to the long list of Streamlight products that have impressed consumers in the flashlight market.

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perfect model for your jobPicking out a police flashlight is not a task to be taken lightly. It is crucial that you pick out the right unit if you are going to be able to count on a powerful and durable light to be by your side while in the field. The perfect model for your job is going to depend on the exact kind of work that you do, and where you do it.

Take a quick moment to learn more about each of the three products above, as they are some of the most-popular and most-successful options available. With the right police flashlight always at the ready, you will be able to go about your duties with a renewed sense of confidence.

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