Best Pistol Light Buyer’s Guide

The ability to use a pistol light is an important characteristic of great marksman and part of overall gun safety. Of course, you never want to fire a weapon at anything that you can’t see, so having the ability to throw light on a target prior to using your pistol is a great advantage. While your pistol light should not be considered a replacement for a separate, handheld flashlight, it can be a good complement to your set of standard equipment. With a pistol light installed and a handheld flashlight at the ready, you will be prepared for a wide range of situations.

fire a weapon at anythingA pistol light is obviously not the same thing as a regular flashlight, but there are some similarities that you will notice as you go through the buying process.

Look for similar characteristics as a handheld light, such as how much light it produces, how long the battery will last, what kind of battery it needs, and more. Understanding the key ingredients in a good pistol light will make you far more likely to wind up with a quality product that you can install on your gun.

One key consideration to make before buying a light is ensuring that it is compatible and able to mount to your particular gun model and style. Some pistol lights will only work with certain guns, so check on the details of both the light and your pistol before you settle on a model that you are going to order. A good flashlight should be easy to install and firmly secured on your gun.

To help you find the best pistol light, we have done our homework and compiled a list of five choices. Each of these has been able to grab a share of the market, and all are earning impressive reviews from previous buyers. Take your time to check out all five lights on the list below and there is a great chance one will be the right match for you.

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Top Five Rated Pistol Lights

Aimkon HiLight P10S 400

Image of Aimkon HiLight P10S 400 Lumen Pistol LED StrobeThere are a few points that most buyers will want to make sure they can check off when they purchase a pistol light, and the Aimkon HiLight seems to hit on all of these points. First, it offers plenty of brightness, with a rating of 400 lumens coming from the CR123 battery that the light uses. It is easy to turn on and off with a sliding switch, and it can provide a run time of 55 minutes. At just 3’’ long, this is a compact unit that uses a Weaver quick release to mount onto your pistol.

Most owners are pleased with the quality of the product they received, especially with the light output that it offers and the ease of mounting it onto the gun. Since many other products sell for a considerably higher price, a number of the buyers commented on the great value that is offered by the Aimkon HiLight.

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Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL

Image of Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL High Lumen Rail-Mounted TacticalStreamlight is a highly popular brand in the tactical flashlight market, so it only makes sense that they would offer one of the best products in the pistol light world as well. The 69260 is a quality light that can put out up to 630 lumens while snapping easily onto a number of different weapons.

Durability is something that Streamlight is known for, and the aircraft aluminum used to make up the body of this light is an indication of that quality. This includes a wide beam pattern, so you will not only be able to see what is directly in front of you, but also what is in the general vicinity. The power source for the 69260 is two 3V CR123A lithium batteries, which are included in the purchase price.

You can be confident that this product will get the job done for you. Of course, you are going to have to pay for that quality, the 69260 pistol light is one of the most expensive on the market. Fortunately, the reviewers are almost unanimous in their agreement that the price is well-worth the high-end product that is being offered.

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Glock OEM Tac Light Xenon 6V Lithium

Image of Glock OEM Tac Light Xenon 6V LithumAs the Glock is one of the most popular pistols on the market, many shoppers will be looking for a light specifically designed for use on a Glock. If that is the case for you, this OEM Tac Light may make for a perfect choice. It has been well reviewed by users. Buyers love the sturdy build of this product, and they feel that it is a natural fit with the gun itself (not a surprise, since the light is purpose-built for the guns).

This product can be had for a lower purchase price than many of the other items on the market intended for use at pistol lights. Another one of the positive elements that are noted by reviewers is the light weight of the unit, which is appreciated in terms of maintaining the original feel and balance of the pistol that is in use. If you happen to be a Glock owner, and you need a pistol light that will suit your needs nicely, take a close look at this OEM product.

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NcStar Weaver

Image of NcStar Weaver Mount Tactical LEDFor a more-affordable option, the NcStar Weaver Mount LED Light makes for a worthy consideration. You won’t have to invest much cash in order to add this light to your pistol, but it includes many of the features and benefits seen in products that are significantly more expensive. Rated to put out 90 lumens, this light runs on one CR123A lithium battery. The Weaver mount systems make for quick and easy installation and uninstallation, depending on your needs at the time.

Despite the low price point for this product, the NcStar Weater Mount has been highly praised by many reviewers. While it is commonly noted that this is not a top-of-the-line product, it is not meant to be one, and you will not pay top-of-the-line prices for it, either. Those who have used the product state that it does not come loose even after a long session at the gun range, and it is capable of providing plenty of light for typical use.

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SyndeRay G01

Image of SyndeRay G01 CREE LED TacticalAnother lower-priced option that provides a number of benefits while staying in a low price range. This product includes two modes – high, and strobe. It has a lightweight body that allows you to add it to your gun without a significant change in feel, and the aluminum alloy body is weather-proof. The power source for the unit is a single CR2 battery, which is not included in the purchase.

Users note that the product has been designed for use with the Picatinny rail system, which is common across many pistols. It is also praised for its compact size, coming in at only 2.5’’ long. Many commenters note that the product is brighter than they expected and that the product does the same job as many items that are far more expensive. The SyndeRay G01 is a pistol light that will suit the needs of many buyers, so you would be wise to take a look at it for yourself.

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When it comes to choosing the best light for your handgun, there is no margin for error. You need it to fit tightly on the rail; you need it to provide plenty of brightness, and you need it to work time after time. With that in mind, the five options above should give you plenty to think about. You can pick the model that suits both your budget and your needs.

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