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When you think about it, your keychain is one of the most convenient places to keep a flashlight. Next to a wallet and mobile phone, keys are the one thing that people carry with them wherever they go. So you’ll always have the peace of mind that a flashlight is always handy. If you like the security that comes along with having light easily accessible, then a quality keychain flashlight is essential.

AAA flashlightFinding a keychain flashlight is not difficult– you can pick one up at just about any convenience store or mega-mart. But finding a good keychain flashlight? That is a different story. You will need to do a bit of research if you hope to attach a flashlight to your keychain that can be counted on time after time.

Fortunately, we have already done some of that research, and looking at the three options below is likely to reveal one that is perfect for your needs. You will likely pay more for these quality models than if you were to buy a piece of junk from the convenience store, but reliability always carries a higher price tag. If you’re looking for something brighter, then check out our tactical flashlight page.

Top Rated Tactical Keychain Flashlights

Streamlight 73001

Image of Streamlight 73001 Nano LightThere are really two main requirements for any good keychain flashlight – it needs to be bright, and it needs to be small. Streamlight hit a home run in both of those categories with this unit, as it is incredibly small while producing a surprising amount of light. The Streamlight itself is just 1.47’’ long, and it weighs only .36 ounces, meaning it will add almost nothing to the bulk of your keychain. Despite its diminutive size, the 73001 is still outputs 10 lumens while running for as long as eight hours.

Many buyers can’t believe that such a powerful light can come from such a small item, which is exactly the kind of thing you would like to hear about your next keychain flashlight. With a low price point, compact size, and impressive brightness, the Streamlight 73001 Nano Light checks all of the relevant boxes for a great addition to your keychain.

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Pelican Progear 1810C

Image of Pelican Flashlights Progear 1810C LEDThis is another keychain flashlight that impresses with its power and size combination. Just as with the Streamlight above, the Pelican is a tiny unit that is capable of putting out a nice amount of light under a variety of circumstances. The Pelican Progear runs on LR41 batteries, which are extremely affordable and easy to replace when necessary. Reviewers love the fact that it is easy to turn on and off, and its size means that you might even forget it is on your keychain at all.

This product falls roughly in line with other quality keychain flashlights on the market today. It is water resistant and advertises a total light output of 16 lumens. The feel of the product is considered another plus by many, as they are impressed with the body of the flashlight, expecting to hold up over a long period of time – even in difficult conditions. While slightly more expensive than the Streamlight, the Pelican Progear 1810C has more than its fair share of supporters.

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Streamlight 72101

Image of Streamlight 72101 KeyMate with White LEDAnother product from Streamlight, this one is perfect for someone who puts their keys through the ringer. If you work or play in harsh conditions and you need a small flashlight that will hold up to the elements over time, the 72101 KeyMate may be a perfect choice.


Well, to start, it is made from machined aircraft aluminum, giving the product a nearly-indestructible feel. Using four alkaline battery cells, the Streamlight 72101 can run for as long as 96 hours, and it is rated for a lifetime of 100,000 hours of use. At 2.25’’ long, it is slightly bigger than the previous Streamlight on our list but still plenty small to fit on your keychain comfortably.

As you might expect with such a durable product, the price on this unit is higher than the previous two keychain lights we looked at. The buyers praised the ‘rugged’ nature of the flashlight. Specifically, the fact that this model has a lens protecting the bulb is something that reviewers feel make it more durable in the long run. This keychain may be more than what some people need, but it is the perfect option for those who plan to put their keys in harm’s way from time to time.

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A keychain flashlight isn’t necessarily meant to be a replacement for a full-size model – rather, it should be a quick and reliable way to provide the light you need. Whether you just want to find something that is lost in the car, or you want a little extra light as you walk up the pathway to your front door, a good keychain flashlight is excellent to keep handy. Each of the three models above is considered to be durable, reliable, and affordable by those who have previously made a purchase. Take your time to weigh the pros and cons of each of these keychain flashlights and you should be able to make an informed and confident choice.

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