About Off The Grid Guru

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Thanks for visiting my website OffTheGridGuru.com. My name is Mike the creator and author of this site.

I’ve always dreamed to be a backpacker before. But as a part of the middle-class society, it seems like I was bound to do office work for the rest of my life. I did work in an office – 50 hours a week, as a white collar worker. The job paid pretty well, and it sustained for my everyday expenses. But I always knew something was missing and lacking.

I always felt like my life was so stressful and mediocre. I just wake up every day, wishing my life would change. Then one day, I decided, to hell with it! I left my job, my apartment and traveled across the globe with just my backpack and gears. I’ve never felt so alive my entire life because every day was an adventure.

As a backpacker, I’ve seen and met some of the coolest experiences in the world, something an ordinary life in the office can never give to you. And for people who are looking for adventures, people who’ve been in the same case like me, I suggest that you guys do the thing you want and love to do! I created this site to help people discover their love for outdoor activities.

This site was originally made as a personal blog for my friends and me, something I like to write on about my adventures. But I noticed that some people, mostly strangers have been visiting my site. And I loved that they’re interested about this particular subject and topic, so I decided to transform this site to provide some of the best tips, guidelines and advice for novices. Advice that I wished someone gave me when I was still a beginner.

Want to share, recommend and pitch your adventure stories? Want to inquire about some product reviews? Want to ask me questions, anything under the sun? Drop me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

For the meantime, I would like to thank you for visiting my site.