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When you set out to purchase a military or tactical style watch for all of your outdoor adventure, the Suunto brand is one that you should watch closely. Well-respected for the quality of their products, Suunto has been impressing customers since all the way back in 1936. This Finnish company offers a wide-range of products which include sport watches, dive computers, tactical watches, compasses, and much more. Any search of the active outdoor watch market is sure to reveal at least a few great options under the Suunto brand.

outdoor adventureAs you sort through all of the Suunto options on the market, make sure you are focusing your attention on the models that are best suited to your particular needs. You will find that Suunto makes great watches for a variety of pursuits, but if it is a military-style watch that you are after, be sure to focus your attention in that direction.

To help you complete your search as quickly and easily as possible, we have done much of the legwork for you in terms of compiling some impressive options. All of these watches have received excellent reviews from previous users, and each should make for a durable and reliable choice.

Top Three Rated Suunto Military-Style Watches

Suunto X-Lander Wrist-Top Computer Watch

Image of Suunto X-Lander Wrist-Top Computer WatchAnytime a watch is marketed as a ‘wrist-top computer’ rather than just a watch, you know it means business. Also, you know that it is going to come with a serious price tag. Both of those things are true in this case, as this watch from Suunto has all of the bells and whistles of a premium military watch, and the sticker shock to go with it.

So, what do you get for that steep price? Well, to start, this watch features an altimeter, barometer, and compass, so it is excellent for work out in the field when you need accurate information at a moments notice.Most people are prone to harsh reviews when a product is expensive, so keep that in mind when weighing the performance of this watch. Basic features of the watch include a calendar, three daily alarms, countdown timer, stopwatch, and more. Reviewers have commented that the watch is big, yet light, making it rather comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Also, they have stated that some of the functions are somewhat complicated to use, meaning you should plan on a period of educating yourself before relying on this watch to perform under pressure.

Suunto Men’s Digital Core Multi-Function Black Silicone

Image of Men's Digital Core Multi-Function Black SiliconeFor something more affordable, the Core model from Suunto is a great-looking watch that is also mainly black including the face and the band. With just ten reviews to its credit so far, this isn’t a product that has received a lot of attention, but the comments have been largely positive to this point. The appearance of this watch is one of the points that many buyers love, in addition to its ability to perform a variety of tasks.

As far as technical specs, this is a watch that runs on quartz movement, is is water resistant to 30 meters, and the band is made from silicone. It has a mineral face to resist scratching and other forms of damage, and there is a traditional buckle clasp to keep the wristband connected. If you don’t need a whole host of military functions, but would still like a durable, reliable watch from a quality brand, the Suunto Core is a strong pick.

Suunto Vector Watch

Image of Suunto Vector WatchThe most-affordable watch on our list, this is a Suunto model that still includes the altimeter, barometer, and compass functions. For that investment, you get a long list of features and benefits, including an altitude log, temperature readings, weather trend indicator, and more. Of course, it also offers the basics such as the time (with a digital readout), stopwatch, countdown timer, and more. The watch is listed as being water resistant to 30 meters, it runs on quartz movement, and features a mineral face.

While not quite as highly rated as the more expensive models on the list, it still has plenty of buyers who love everything that this watch has to offer. Specifically, the strong backlight is appreciated, making it easy to use the watch in the dark when necessary. Uses such as hiking and adventure racing are mentioned by reviewers, although it is easy to see how this watch could come in handy for a long list of purposes.


The Suunto brand has risen to near the top of the watch world for a reason, and the three items on this list are a great representation of the quality and durability that the brand has to offer. Whether you truly need the altimeter, barometer, and compass functions that are available, or you simply want a quality field watch that you can rely on time and again, check into each of the three Suunto options above. If you are anything like the many previous reviewers, you won’t be disappointed.

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