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New To Hunting? We Discuss The Best Beginner Hunting Tips

Hunting equipment in a forester lodge

Hunting is a hobby and skill that many people enjoy. Some people enjoy it simply as a sport. However, there are others that hunt to stock up on food that can be consumed long term if necessary. While stockpiling is considered to be a measure in self-sufficiency, hunting can help bring you closer to self-reliance.

Hunting to put food on the table is not only a practical way to become prepared for a food shortage, but it can also quickly become a way for you to unwind and relax. If you are new to hunting, there are several beginner tips that you can follow, so you can get a big catch and stay safe at the same time.

Carry A Wilderness Survival Kit

When you are hunting in the woods, it is always important to keep a wilderness survival kit close by. No one ever thinks that they could be become lost or injured while they are out in the woods. Unfortunately, these types of incidents can and do occur, and it is essential to have a basic survival kit. The kit should include food, water, water sterilization device and a way to call out for help. Having these items in your kit will significantly increase your chances of survival.

Have A Check In Person

There should always be at least one person who knows where you are when you are out hunting. Every year hundreds of hunters become lost in the woods, and one of the most common reasons for fatalities is exposure. These deaths may have been avoided if these animals had carried a GPS device or told someone where they were going.


One of the first things that you will realize when you begin hunting is that big game animals have a very strong sense of smell. This simply means that masking your scent could mean the difference between bringing home a prize and coming home empty handed.

Deer are very sensitive to smell and can smell a scent as far as a mile away. Fortunately, there are hundreds of products on the market that will help make your scent less detectable by animals.

You should also be cautious if you are a smoker. The scent of cigarette and cigar smoke not only travels for miles, but it is also a deterrent for animals. The smoke will not only keep animals from entering your area, but it will also chase away other animals in the area.

Safety Is Top Priority

The majority of states require that all hunters take a safety course that is offered through the Wildlife Service or The Department of Natural Resources. It is wise for new hunters to take this course before they begin hunting.

Another reason for fatalities is due to those who refuse to follow simple safety precautions. For example, the tree stands that offer hunters many benefits when they are bow hunting. It is important for hunters to secure themselves with the safety harness so they will not fall out of the stand.

Wear The Appropriate Clothing

If you are hunting during the warm season, be sure to wear layers. Even in warmer weather, it will be cool in the morning and evening while being warmer in the day. If you are hunting with a bow, you will need to make sure you are camouflaged, and if you are hunting with a gun, you should wear orange.

Vests are a great option because they can be worn over shirts or parkas. Heavy coats and coveralls can help you stay warm in the winter. Your head and neck can stay warm with a cap and a neck warmer.

These are just a few of the beginner hunting tips that new hunters can follow. Having a mentor will also help to increase your chances of success during your first hunt.

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