Simon Cree LED Flashlight Review

Image of Simon Cree Led

Having a flashlight like the Simon Cree LED could be useful in many situations whether you’re in the woods or your backyard. This is one of the most versatile and convenient flashlights I’ve come across on the market.

Finding the right flashlight isn’t the easiest the thing. Most people struggle with buying a flashlight for certain conditions, or even everyday use. If you’ve never bought one before, you might not know what to look for.

A flashlight such as this comes in handy in many everyday situations. It’s great to keep one in the garage, inside your house, or even bring it with you to adventures and trips. Its specifications and features are what makes it as popular.

The Simon Cree LED flashlight is best for people who often need extra light around the house and yard. However, you can also use it when camping, fishing, and many other activities during nighttime. Simply, it outputs enough light, but it’s also lightweight and easy to use, which is something we’ll go into detail later on.

First and foremost, let’s check out its pros and cons so that you know what we’re talking about right off the bat. Continue reading to learn more about all these features and specifications in detail.


  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Five modes
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a wristband
  • Ergonomic design
  • Uses rechargeable batteries


  • Batteries and charger are not included
  • Features a soft switch

Brightness and modes

The Simon Cree LED flashlight delivers 500 lumens effortlessly. On average, at every 80.55 lmns, the flashlight uses about 6.199 watts. Given its size, this brightness level is quite impressive. Many people agree that it’s the brightest small flashlight on the market. Its brightness makes it ideal for people who often walk at nighttime or need some extra light in various situations. The flashlight has five modes you can choose from depending on the situation or even preference. The settings you can choose from are SOS, Strobe, high, medium and low.

You turn it on and off and change between settings via a soft touch button. This kind of button isn’t the most favorite amongst flashlight users for several reasons. Mainly, the setback lies in the fact that you can turn off the flashlight accidentally when all you want is to change from one setting to another. Some people, however, don’t mind this but like that you can go between settings with a soft touch. This is the kind of feature that it’s both a win or a loss, depending on your preference.

I must mention its low setting. If you ever had any multiple mode flashlights, you know how most don’t have a low setting that’s low enough. If you’re in the woods at nighttime, for example, you don’t want to use light that’s too strong because that could ruin your night vision. Most customers agree that the Simon Cree LED flashlight is the best in this case because its low light mode is at the right level of low allowing you to see everything clearly without affecting your night vision.

Bulb and focus

LED flashlights are the most popular models on the market for the type of light they deliver. This Simon Cree flashlight uses a LED torch bulb that will last you about 100,000 hours before you’ll have to replace it. Its focus settings are something this flashlight is widely popular for. Precisely, it has 16 adjustable dial settings that allow you to expand or focus the light tight.

Battery requirements

Firstly, it’s crucial I say that no batteries are included in the package, so you’ll have to buy them additionally. The lack of batteries is always a downside, but the plus side is that you can choose from several types of batteries on the market. Here are your options:

  • Three AAA Ni-MH batteries
  • One rechargeable Panasonic 18650 Lithium Ion battery (with PIC only)

It’s also great that these are rechargeable, so you don’t have to bother with always carrying extra batteries wherever you go. The battery life, though, depends on which type you use. On average, you get about 2 to 6 hours of use.

Design and measurements

This LED tactical flashlight is made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. This makes it as heavy duty and durable as they come in today’s market. Also, the aluminum body and rubber bumper allow you to use it freely without constantly fearing you might drop it. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it entirely drop-resistant, but it can take a bump or two.

You can use it like a hand-held flashlight or mount it on a weapon with hardware that’s specifically designed.

It’s considered a small, tactical flashlight. Weighting at about 8 ounces, it’s quite lightweight and ideal to carry around pretty much anywhere. It’s even lightweight enough for a woman’s purse. Look at its main measurements and make the decision yourself:

  • Body diameter – 1.20’’
  • Length – 5.38’’
  • Head diameter – 1.38’’
  • Lanyard wristband – 5.75’’

Overall performance

This is the kind of flashlight that you can use in many situations. It’s convenient because you won’t need two or more flashlights for different situations. You can use the same flashlight for your home and car, or when camping, fishing, walking or driving at night, etc. This could be the best flashlight for you if you’re looking for quality of performance, versatility, and durability.

Final verdict

If you don’t mind the soft touch switch, and the fact that it doesn’t come with any batteries, you’ll end up with a quality flashlight. Its pros are far bigger than its cons, making this flashlight one of the best small flashlights on the market.

Simply, look at its outstanding specifications and features to understand what makes this flashlight as impressive. It’s made from quality materials, has a good low light setting that’s important, and it’s lightweight. This is one of the best-ranked flashlights in its criteria, and I’m sure that if you give it a chance, you’ll like it as much as all its users.