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Casio has long been one of the leading names in the watch market, and the G-Shock is among their most popular models. The ‘G’ in G-Shock stands for Gravitation, and these watches are designed to be used in a variety of outdoor activities such as playing sports, going on adventures in the backcountry, military uses, and more. The G-Shock line dates all the way back to 1983, a testament to just how popular this particular line of watches has been through the years.

intended for diving purposesDespite all falling within the G-Shock name, there is a wide-range of watch styles that Casio offers under this brand, each with unique capabilities and functions. Most offer some form of a stopwatch, timer, alarm, and more. Some include a compass, and some are specifically intended for diving purposes. If you are going to be taking part in any rugged outdoor activity and you would like to have a reliable timepiece, you should, at least, consider one or two of the G-Shock models from Casio.

This article includes a list of three of the most-popular G-Shock watches. Specifically, these are military/tactical style watches that have been offered by Casio to meet the needs of those who plan on putting their watch directly in harms way. Hopefully, at least, one of the three watches on the list below will match up nicely with your list of needs.

Top Three Rated Casio G-Shock Watches

Casio G-Shock Military Men’s Watch GD100-1B

Image of Men's GD100-1BCR G-Shock X-Large Black Multi-Functional Digital SportThe first watch up on our list contains all of the features you would want to find in a G-Shock watch that is intended for military-like purposes. It is a shock resistant product which is 200M water resistant and has an auto LED backlight. The face of this watch is large; making is easy to read quickly with just a glance. There is a total of five independent alarms accessible in the watch, meaning you can use it to keep track of a variety of different tasks.

If you are thinking of purchasing this watch, you can rest assured that there are plenty of satisfied buyers who have gone before you. Buyers love the fact that this watch is durable, functional, and visually impressive with the black on black design. Also, the backlight is considered to be rather bright by those who have tested it out for themselves, meaning you should be able to check the time and other functions with ease, even after dark. As is the case with most G-Shock watches, this is a model that is praised by nearly every owner, and you would likely be impressed as well if you decide to make this one your own.

G-Shock GA110MB-1A Military Series Watch

Image of G-Shock GA110MB-1A Military SeriesWith a slightly higher price tag – this second option mimics many of the styles and features found in the first watch we listed. It is also a black on black finish, but it instead offers an analog display as the primary mode of checking the time. However, it also has a small digital display near the bottom of the face, if needed. This watch is also shock resistant, of course, and it is also water resistant to a depth up to 200M.

The great looks of this watch are frequently mentioned in the reviews, along with the durability that is to be expected from a G-Shock model. One complaint that is seen a few times from reviewers is the dim appearance of the numbers on the face of the watch, such as the digital time readout. A few buyers have claimed to have trouble reading the time on the digital display because it is too dark, so take this into account before ordering. If you prefer to have the numbers on your watch brightly and clearly displayed, another model may be a better choice. However, there are still plenty of buyers who love this model, and it carries with it all of the traditions of the G-Shock name.

Casio Men’s GA100SD-8A G-Shock Military Watch

Image of Men's GA100SD-8A G-Shock MilitaryThere is a lot about this watch that is similar to the first two on our list, including features and that classic G-Shock durability. However, it is the appearance of this model that takes a different path from the others. The band is ‘sand’ colored instead of black, giving it an entirely different look from the first two. The sand color appearance is something that some people will love while others will prefer the traditional black look. Check this one out for yourself to decide which color suits your tastes and needs best.

Regarding the actual performance of the watch, this one lives up to Casio expectations once again. It is water resistant to 660 feet, it includes a stop watch and calendar, and uses a mineral dial window to protect the watch itself. The overall tone of the reviews is largely positive. However, one minor complaint is that the color of the watch in person is slightly lighter (whiter) than what it appears in the pictures.


Casio G-Shock watches are quality products that can serve you reliably even in tough situations. If you are planning to put your watch though some nasty spots and you want it to come out ticking on the other side, picking from one of the three durable options above would be a good bet.

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