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Our 5 Best LED Rechargeable Flashlights – 2018 Reviews

image of my top rechargeable flashlight

Hands down, the Fenix PD35 is the best rechargeable flashlight

In this article, we’re on a mission to help you find the best rechargeable flashlight in 2017. You don’t need to be a flashlight expert in order to determine the main advantage of owning a rechargeable flashlight. Obviously, the ability to simply recharge your flashlight unit instead of having to replace disposable batteries is a big plus to the flashlight owner.

If you’re in a hurry, then check out the Fenix PD35 1,000 lumen rechargeable flashlight – it’s my personal favorite because it uses a rechargeable 18650 battery, or two 3V CR123A Lithium batteries. Not to mention it’s ridiculously bright!

After reviewing all the top rechargeable flashlight available, we’ve selected our top 7 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

The Top Rated Rechargeable Flashlights

CVLIFE 800Lm Zoomable CREE XM-L T6 LED Adjustable Focus Flashlight

Image of CVLIFE 800Lm Zoomable CREE XM-L T6 LED Adjustable FocusA common theme among modern, rechargeable flashlights, this is another unit that is powered by an 18650 lithium-ion battery. The battery is included with the unit, along with two chargers – a wall charger, and a car charger. The inclusion of an extra charger is a nice touch that is sure to impress plenty of buyers, and most flashlight manufacturers don’t take this step. With both a wall charger and car charger at your disposal, you should be able to provide your light with the juice it needs no matter where you are.

The multiple chargers, not surprisingly, are one of the top compliments for this flashlight, along with the varied operating modes and the brightness of the beam. Some buyers were expecting cheaper materials, but they were pleasantly surprised to find that not to be the case. This model from CVLIFE is an all-around rechargeable flashlight with a zoom function, plenty of light, and a nice build quality.

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MagLite RL1019 LED Rechargeable Flashlight System

Image of MagLite RL1019 LED RechargeableOne of the top names in the flashlight game, MagLite has long been respected for the quality products they produce. These are known to be tough flashlights, which are capable of going out into duty time and time again with no drop in performance. The RL1019 is a rechargeable model that offers a range of modes between full power at 643 lumens and low power at 148 lumens. As a nice bonus, this rechargeable flashlight also provides ‘Eco Mode’, where it will run at a particularly low light output level for a long period of time.

This unit has everything you would expect to find in a MagLite, and then some. It is water-resistant, drop-resistant, and is rated for up to 4.5 hours of use on a single charge of the NiMH battery. Owners enjoy the adjustable beam width that is offered by this flashlight, along with the solid feel of the product overall – as would be expected from a MagLite unit.

Xtreme Bright X-4500 LED Light and Power Bank 350 Lumen Flashlight

Image of Xtreme Bright X-4500 LED Light and Power Bank 350 LumenThis compact rechargeable flashlight that has three modes of use, the X-4500 puts out a strong light beam considering its compact design. The three available modes are bright, half-bright, and strobe. Those who have previously purchased the item love the sturdy build of the flashlight, and they also appreciate the ability to charge the unit wherever they have a USB port available.

Also, since the flashlight can serve as a power bank, users love being able to charge items such as cell phones, giving the flashlight another use beyond providing light.
Indeed, there are plenty of reasons to give the X-4500 strong consideration, from its impressive 350-lumen output to its versatility. It is water-resistant, includes a clip and keychain, and the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee. Those in the market for an all-around rechargeable flashlight that can do a little bit of everything would be wise to take a closer look at the Xtreme Bright X-4500.

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Outlite E6 900 Lumen CREE XML T6 LED Portable Flashlight

Image of Outlite E6 900 Lumen CREE XML T6 LEDOne of the things that have made LEDs so popular in recent years is the stunning amount of light they are able to produce from such a small bulb. It doesn’t seem possible that a flashlight as compact at the Outlite E6 would be able to get anywhere near 900 lumens, but that is what happens when LEDs are put to use correctly. Powered by either one 3.7V 18650 battery (which is included), or three AAA batteries, this rechargeable flashlight has enough power for almost any application.

The flashlight is 6.8’’ long, and buyers love both the power of the light and the flexibility of adjusting the beam to various widths. Quality construction is another point that is frequently brought up in the reviews, as is free mini-keychain LED flashlight that is included with a purchase.

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Rechargeable Flashlight Buyer’s Guide

One of the main frustrations expressed by flashlight users is the experience of reaching for a flashlight at a crucial moment only to find that the batteries have run dry. By keeping a rechargeable flashlight on hand – and keeping it charged – you can avoid running into that circumstance at the worst possible time.

Replacing batteries can be an expensive proposition, and you won’t always be somewhere close to a store in order to purchase the new batteries that you need. Fortunately, many of the new rechargeable flashlights on the market also contain some of the best technology in the world of flashlights, meaning you can get great products that come along with the bonus of being rechargeable. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance in order to get the convenience of recharging.

Along with convenience and performance benefits, rechargeable batteries also have the bonus of being kind to the environment. Instead of pitching old batteries in the garbage to head to the landfill, you can simply recharge your flashlight over and over again without creating a single ounce of waste. It is a great feeling to do something – no matter how small – to help the environment. Over time, if you are able to switch all of your flashlights (and other battery-powered items) to rechargeable systems, you will be taking a common source of pollution out of the market.

Of course, it is important to remember that you shouldn’t be ‘blinded’ by the ability of a flashlight to recharge when considering its other features. The power source of a flashlight is only one of many important elements for the shopper to consider, so take the time to review everything that a particular flashlight brings to the table before you place an order. The amount of light a flashlight produces, its running time on a single charge or battery, the materials it is made from, and more should all play a role in determining the best flashlight for you.

Looking For Different Types of Flashlights?

In this article, we have assembled a list of five of the best rechargeable flashlights on the market. If you are in the market for a quality flashlight that will be able to recharge conveniently in order to be prepared for your next adventure, there is a good chance you will find plenty of suitable options below. If you’re in the market for different types of survival flashlights then click here to see my top picks in that category.


Today’s rechargeable flashlights can do everything that a flashlight with a disposable battery can do, so these units are certainly worth a closer inspection if you are in the market for a reliable, flexible unit. Having the ability to recharge your light rather than heading to the store to spend money on batteries is a big advantage, as is the comfort you gain from knowing that you have fully charged your battery before you head out into the dark. Hopefully, after a little more homework and research, you will determine that one of the five flashlights listed above is perfect for your needs.

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