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What is The Best Army Duffel Bag of 2018?

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When you think about an Army duffle bag, you probably picture a basic pack that has plenty of space to carry all of the items you would need for several days in the field. And that is exactly the point – this style of bag isn’t meant to impress with fancy features. Instead, it is focused on durability, reliability, and ease of use. You should be able to get your things in and out of a good Army duffle bag quickly and easily, without having to worry about anything falling out while you are on the move.

As you start to look around at different Army duffle bag options that you can consider, you will notice that there is a wide range of price points and sizes available in the market today. You can select a small and affordable bag, or you can pick a bigger option with a bigger price tag. With any purchase that you make, it is important to take your time while checking out some options – and that is certainly the case when getting ready to buy an Army duffle bag.

After reviewing all the top Army Duffel bags available, we’ve selected our top 7 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

Comparison Table

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This article has been composed with the goal of helping you find the best Army duffle bag for your personal needs. The ‘best’ bag is going to be different from person to person, so there isn’t necessarily one single product that can be universally recommended. Rather, you will need to browse a few of the top options and then pick for yourself. Later in this article, you will find a brief summary of five of the top rated Army duffle bags.

Buyer Considerations for Army Duffle Bags

Do you know what you are looking for in an Army duffle bag? If this will be your first bag, you might not have any idea about the basic features that you should be looking for in a quality bag. Before you pull out your credit card to place an order, be sure that you compose a list of needs that you want your bag to fulfill. Only products that are able to successfully check off every point on your list should be considered for purchase.

how durableOne of the first points that you should check on when shopping for an Army duffle bag is the material that each bag is made from. The material used in the construction of the bag will make a big difference in how durable that bag will be, and what kind of duty it will be able to handle.

Canvas is often used for duffle bags, as it is a durable material which doesn’t come with a high price tag. Unfortunately, that durability also brings along some additional weight, which you can avoid with materials such as nylon or polyester. If durability and toughness are at the top of your list, canvas should be the winner. However, if it is weight savings that you are after, a synthetic material will likely be the best bet.

Size, of course, is another point that you need to consider, although this is an easier point to tackle since most bags come in a variety of sizes. Once you find a bag that you like from a design and material perspective, you will probably be able to locate it in a size that suits your needs. However, not all bags come in all of the large and/or small sizes that you could need, so pay attention to the available sizes when you are shopping.

Versatility is Key

One of the top complaints that users have regarding their Army duffle bags is simply the inability to use the bag in a variety of situations. While you might need several days worth of gear one time, you may only need it as a day pack for your next use. That means that you should look for a bag which provides you with the flexibility to use it for both light loads and long adventures.

To that point, look for a bag that will still be easy to carry when it is not full of equipment. Most bags are relatively comfortable to throw over your shoulder or on your back when they are full, but some fail to hold their shape when only partially filled with gear. If you think that you will be using your pack on some occasions without filling all of the available space, make sure the product is designed to work in that circumstance.

The good news when it comes to shopping for a duffle bag is this – you shouldn’t have any trouble locating quality options. There are plenty of great bags available today, so your most difficult task will be simply sorting through the choices to take home the perfect bag.

Top Four Rated Army Duffle Bag Reviews

Rothco Top Load Canvas Duffle Bag

Image of Rothco Top Load CanvasThis bag is pretty much exactly what you would expect to find when you look for an Army duffle bag. It comes in a variety of sizes; it loads from the top, and it is made of a heavyweight cotton canvas. There is a single shoulder strap, along with a reinforced handle, and the price runs depending on size. While you aren’t going to find very many ‘bells and whistles’ on this pack, it is likely a perfect choice for those looking for a basic Army-style duffle bag.

Judging by the ratings that have been left for this product, this pack is good at what it does. It has plenty of compliments to go around. Durability is the number one characteristic that is praised by those who have owned and used the bag. In fact, one reviewer has used the bag to hold 150 pounds of sand for exercise purposes! If it can hold up to that kind of punishment, there should be little doubt that it can handle all of your gear on a regular basis. One comment that has been left by a few people is that the dimensions are somewhat confusing when ordering, so be sure to double check the size that you need before picking the right one for you.

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Military Army Style Heavy Duty Double Backpack Strap Duffle Bag

Image of Military Army Style Heavy Duty Double Backpack Strap DuffelThere are some significant differences between this bag and the first option on our list. First and foremost, this is a polyester bag where the bag above is made from canvas. That isn’t necessarily a ‘better or worse’ situation, however, as there are good arguments in favor of either material. If you are looking for a polyester bag with plenty of capacity and water resistance, this product makes a worthy option.

Another one of the leading differences between this bag and the previous bag is the presence of double shoulder straps. If you plan on carrying your bag for long distances, having the ability to put it up on your back with two straps is a big deal.The current owners have plenty of nice things to say about the bag. Some of the popular compliments include storage capacity, durability, and quality construction.

Rather than loading gear in from the top, this bag allows users to load the length of the bag thanks to a zipper that runs all the way across the pack. This duffle bag runs in price depending on the size you wish to order. It is a canvas bag which features nylon straps and an adjustable shoulder strap to improve comfort while carrying the bag.

Buyers have praised the heavy duty feel of the canvas, along with the ample storage size inside (for the larger versions). As an added bonus feature that may come in handy depending on your intended use for the bag, the zipper is lockable (lock not included). If you are planning on carrying around plenty of heavy gear, you will want to take close look at this product as a strong contender.

Genuine Military Style G.I. Mossad Tactical Duffle Bag

Another canvas option, this one includes a waterproof bottom along with padded shoulder straps and a total of three outside zippered pouches. The dimensions of this bag are 34’’ x 15’’ x 12’’, meaning it should have more than enough room to carry all of your everyday items. This bag carries a price tag that is in line with the rest of the options on our list.

This product has been well-received by those who have purchased it previously. Reviewers state that it is a durable bag which offers plenty of storage space. They also appreciate the double shoulder straps that it comes with, along with the exterior pockets that can be used for keeping things organized. This might not be a traditional ‘Army style’ duffle bag, but it is one that warrants your consideration anyway.

Northstar SD1430 1050 HD Tuff Cloth Diamond Ripstop Series Gear/Duffle Bag

Image of Northstar SD1430An affordable option to end our list,  yet it has gathered plenty of great reviews from users. The material is called 1050 HD TUFF CLOTH, which is a rip stop material meant to hold up to heavy duty use. With strong zippers and wraparound handles, it is clear this product is designed to take just about anything you can dish out.

Toughness is the prevailing theme. Users appreciate the shoulder strap that can be used when you have a heavy load inside of the bag, but can also be taken off if it isn’t needed at the time. Those who are loyal to this product are mostly impressed by the reliability of the product, noting that it doesn’t break down in the same way that other products in this same niche have been known to do. This is another bag that might not look the part of traditional Army duffle bag, but it can get the job done nonetheless.

If you are looking for an army duffle bag that can hold up over time and get all of your gear from one point to another, the five options above are all worthy of your attention. Each has its own unique strengths, so take some time to review all of the options and settle on the one that is going to be the best fit for your needs.

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