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Even if you have never heard of the term ‘bug out bag,’ you are certainly already familiar with the idea behind it. A bug out bag is basically an emergency kit, contained within a backpack and ready to help you survive a difficult situation. Often, these kits are designed with the intention to help you survive for 72 hours, as hopefully you will have been able to get help or get yourself into a better position after three days have passed. Even if you aren’t normally one for doing any serious exploring, having a bug out bag in your car or with you as you travel is a great way to give yourself some peace of mind. Life is certainly unpredictable, and a quality bug out bag is one step you can take to provide yourself with a measure of security.

a difficult situationOne of the important things to understand right off the top when shopping for a bug out bag is that they are all unique, and you will likely find many different varieties as you shop either online or in stores. The items that are found within the bag will vary, as with the bag itself. Therefore, it isn’t necessarily enough to just buy any bug out bag you can find – rather; you will want to find a bag that you think contains items which are likely to come in handy for you.

It should probably go without saying, but you don’t want to cut corners when purchasing a bug out kit that you think may have to be put to use one day. The last thing you want to experience is having your bug out bag fall short of expectations when an emergency does arise, and you need the kit to help you get out of trouble. You don’t have to spend money on the most expensive product on the market in this niche, but you also shouldn’t buy the cheapest possible backpack you can find. Look for something with good reviews, quality products, and a reasonable price tag. Also, purchasing a bug out bag from a reputable brand name is another good way to feel like you are getting a product that will perform when it is needed.

The content below will present you with five bug out bag options. We have taken the time to compile this list of bug out backpacks in an effort to help you find the right choice for you after just a quick and easy shopping process.

Top Five Rated Bug Out Bags

Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit (3-Day Backpack for two people)

Image of Ready America 70280 Emergency KitThe idea of a classic bug out bag is to be able to sustain a person for three days, but this pack doubles that intention by offering supplies for two people over a three-day period. This bag is seen as a great value by many who have purchased it previously, and it contains many of the items that you would expect to find in an emergency kit. Included are basics such as food and water, some emergency blankets, along with a kit for first aid and safety lights.

Most of the reviewers think that this product is a very good start to an emergency bag, into which you can add more items as you see fit. Among items that users have recommended you add to this bag include flashlights, batteries, a radio, and more. Using this bug out bag as a ‘jumping off point’ is a great step toward being well-prepared for a potential emergency.

Safe-T-Proof 2 P/3 Day Grab&Go Backpack Emergency Survival Kit

The second product on our list is similar to the first in that it offers supplies which are meant to help two people over three days’ length of time. Some of the items included in this bug out backpack include water, snack bars, latex gloves, snap lights, first aid, a whistle, and more. Again, some buyers found that this bag is a great starting point for building a more advanced bug out bag. Many see it as a nice basic kit, from which they can assemble something more thorough and complete. If you are looking for a good starting point for an in-depth, bug out bag, or if you are just looking for something affordable that you can put in the trunk of your car just in case, this Safe-T-Proof product may be a nice option.

Emergency Survival Kit Fanny Pack – 1 Person

Image of Emergency Survival Kit Fanny PackThis product takes a different approach to the bug out bag concept, as it keeps everything as compact as possible in a small fanny pack design. As the title indicates, this pouch is only meant to help one person survive, so it might not be the right option for your car if you are usually traveling with a few people (unless you pack multiple kits). However, the food supply is meant to last for three days, and the food and water items included are rated for a five-year shelf life.

As was the case with our first two products, this is an affordable item. For that money, you will get a small pack which contains water pouches, protein bars, a whistle, thermal blanket, flashlight, small radio, basic first aid kit, and more. The buyers of this product have been generally impressed by what they received for their money. While this fanny pack kit is not meant to be an extensive survival pack, most feel that it is successful at what it set out to do – provide you with a compact survival solution that will contain the necessities without taking up too much space.

Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack

Image of Wise Food 5-Day Survival BackpackTaking the concept of a bug out backpack and turning it up a notch, this bag is meant for five days of survival use, and even includes a portable stove with fuel tablets. There is a total of 32 servings of food in this pack, along with five pouches of water. This is one pack that you don’t have to worry about going out of date anytime soon – it has a 25-year shelf life, and it even includes a deck of playing cards to help you pass the time if you are stuck in an emergency situation.

As you might expect, this larger kit is costlier than the other products on the list so far. One of the compliments for this bag was actually how much room was left inside the backpack even with all of the included survival products, meaning users have space to add their own personal touches to complete the emergency kit.

4-Person Perfect Survival Kit Deluxe

Image of 4 Person Perfect Survival Kit DeluxeIf you want a complete bug out bag that will have you prepared for a survival situation that lasts several days along with three other people, this 4-person survival kit is one that you should consider closely.

Listing everything that is included in this large pack would be beyond the scope of this article, but a partial list includes water, food bars, radio, flashlight, whistle, mirror, flint starter, rope, light sticks, stove with fuel tablets, knife, and much more. It is rated for a five-year shelf life, so this is a bag you can store away confidently, knowing it will be there should you need it. Some reviewers have felt that the product is a little expensive, but they are also happy with the array of items it includes and appreciate the convenience of getting everything at once instead of having to shop around to assemble a custom kit.


A bug out backpack is obviously something you don’t ever want to have to use. It is the rare item that you are willing to spend money on with the hope that it never gets out of the truck of the car or the garage. However, just because you don’t want to actually use it doesn’t mean you should cut corners or get a low-quality product. Browse the market until you can find a bug out bag that has everything you need for a reasonable cost. Peace of mind is valuable, and that is exactly what something like this can offer you and your family.

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